The Heart of Christ Ministry

About Us

                                         The story of our ministry is not one of a typical sound because we
                                        have not planned this all of our life. We did not picture this life
                                        for ourselves, necessarily, but what we witnessed was something more
                                        extraordinary than a calling or message. We witnessed true divine
                                        fragility and the true meaning of spirituality in the average person.
                                        It is rare to witness such a natural beauty in this world, but when
                                        you do, it will leave you breathless and struggling for answers inside
                                        yourself and society.

                                        The story begins as two guys who merely were looking for answers
                                        in a world of hurt and fear. We were struggling through times of
                                        hardships involving death and other misfortunes of life. As any
                                        average person would, we clung to what we thought would help us along
                                        the way and restore our happiness. We used faith in the traditional
                                        sense as taught, however this did not restore the ideals we desired,
                                        but we did find an answer that worked; which was faith – not in the
                                        typical sense. This faith was not in something else but within one’s
                                        self. It came to this because a void feeling that overwhelmed us with
                                        all other salvation. This was not due from our disbelief in faith but
                                        from disbelief within ourselves. To find this we went on an unexpected
                                        journey that was not only emotional, but defining and justifying to
                                        the world gone wrong.

                                        This day began as any other on the job site. We began a day’s work
                                        and began discussing life, religion, and politics; our three favorite
                                        subjects. Today’s discussion focused mostly on religion though because
                                        of the troubles we were both facing, and the journey we were on to
                                        find the answers in our lives. At this point, we were very unsure of
                                       anything and really wanted to challenge ourselves to find out how
                                       others felt on this situation too. Today was different though, certain
                                       things like this had been said before; however, instead of blowing it
                                       off like we usually do we decided to challenge ourselves on an
                                       emotional level, one of which we had little experience. We decided to
                                       do this because we realized if you do not try and change what you do
                                       not like, then you have no business thinking it will change. Things do
                                       not happen unless you make them happen.

                                      We decided to go out for lunch today because we had to run an
                                      errand for work. We also had to make a trip to the local all purpose
                                      store. The only problem was we still had no clue of how we were going
                                      to challenge ourselves to whatever it was we wanted to know, but we
                                      just knew we were going to do it. It was something we felt more
                                      passionate about than ever before and were destined not to justify our
                                      pain, but finally change the commonly growing hurt and emptiness we
                                      felt on a daily basis.

                                      During lunch, we pondered how we were to make this happen. We
                                      finally decided to bring forth this objective at our local store
                                      because what could be better than experimenting at a place where
                                      everybody goes no matter their stature. Then all of a sudden it dawned on
                                      us, lets ask other people how they are dealing with the same concept.
                                      It was such a simple concept, but the answers were anything but.

                                     As we strolled into our local all purpose store , we had only one
                                     thing on our mind and weirdly, it almost felt like we were going to rob
                                     the place, but in reality we were giving our mission a purpose and
                                     meaning. We decided to find one person and approach them together.
                                     The first person that was approached was your typical single mom. We
                                     happily struck up a conversation with her and we honestly think she
                                     just wanted someone to listen. She had recently been through hard
                                     times too – divorce and death, the loss of her only son. She became a
                                     heavy drinker and was outcast, but still wanted to have faith because
                                     it was all she had left. To see someone in such disparity would break
                                     even the strongest and coldest of hearts, just like ours. We asked her
                                     how she felt about God. She slowly began whimper and a slow tear fell
                                     from her face. She told us that she wanted to believe and hang on the
                                     only thing she had, but she just did not know how anymore. We told her
                                     we wanted to help her, to rebuild herself. We wanted to show her
                                     support really exists in this world and hope is real, but it is up to
                                     her to make it happen. She then asked us if we were atheists,  we
                                     looked at one another and both had the same answer without even
                                     blinking. No, we are just like you, a beautiful soul that has been
                                     broken by society and needs to rebuild before they can have faith
                                     again. We told her how we did not want to discourage faith but amplify
                                     it, no matter the denomination or affiliation, by showing her how to
                                     live again and remember how to be strong again. We explained there is
                                     much to learn from everyone, regardless of beliefs, because we all
                                     experience similar issues, yet handle them differently.

                                     The lady began the subtly cry and began to thank us, even though
                                     she had done the work by merely accepting her reality and facing it
                                     head on. It was a sense of beauty watching such an event takes place.
                                     It was almost as if we saw the burden being eased, even though she
                                     still had much to do.  She ended up taking our numbers and imploring
                                     us to keeping helping people because what we are doing could change
                                     the world one person at a time.

                                    Honestly, this changed our lives as much as it did hers and it
                                    gave us the inspiration for a ministry of a different cause. It is one
                                    that is more than faith and money, it is one of realistic hope and
                                    idealism that one needs to live and compete in a harsh society. It is
                                    critical that we all keep a firm sense of reality to get us through
                                    the day, but without believing in ourselves and facing that reality;
                                    society will destroy you one day at a time because nothing occurs
                                    until you help it.

                                    We began this just as two average people named Brad and Stephen,
                                    and shockingly, we made a difference in someone’s life. After that
                                    event, we made it our mission to try and enrich as many lives as we
                                    could. Now we want to share with you our experiences and hope you join
                                    us in doing the same. We want to help you refocus and redirect your                                                      life so you can do the same for someone else’s. This ministry exists
                                    to help those seeking understanding because we are those people, and
                                    have been there, just like you.

                                    Beauty in the essence of reality will change your life forever because it is
                                    something most people never witness. Our message is simple; we want
                                    to help you realize just that. Make a change in your life and help
                                    each individual soul, who desires help, remember why you deserve
                                    to make it through the day. Some people in our society may not believe
                                    one person can change the world, but everyone can agree that one
                                    person can save someones life and that is something we tend to forget.
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